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Sleep is an integral part of our lives. To put things in perspective, let us take the average amount of time that one spends in sleeping. For a healthy living, humans need around 7 hours of sleep every day. This is almost one third of a day. Now extrapolating that to the average of 75 years of life span of a person, it comes to almost 25 years. So, if we live for 75 years, we will end up sleeping for at least 25 of them. That is the level of importance of sleep in our lives.
Sleep is also a period of time in which many body functions are regulated. During our normal day, hormones and toxins gets accumulated in the cavity surrounding the brain. If you loved this article and also you would like to receive more info pertaining to schizophrenia treatment center in chennai generously visit our internet site. During sleeping, the brain drains these accumulated chemicals from the cerebral cavity.